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Hot Clicks: Kerry Garvin; 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs 'Moneyball'

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We now have our second Moneyball spoof that's better than the movie itself. Last week, Hot Clicks brought you a "version" that imagined what the film would've looked like if it had been about the Yankees. This weekend, Saturday Night Live came out with its version titled Tinyballs, which had some fun with the Steroids Era.


Saturday Night Live

David Bagley, of Massachusetts, Erich F., of Calgary, and Jay K., of St. Paul, Minn., took issue with today's A.M. Hot Clicks not spotlighting this sick catch by Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

My Bad, B-Lloyd

Each Saturday the folks at Awful Announcing compile the mistakes/gaffes/dumb comments announcers make while calling college football games. The feature is titled the "Pam Ward Chronicles." The latest edition contains such gems as ""You can't make that play in the Big Red Shootout," via Lou Holtz. The site is going to start an NFL version, and wants you to help pick the name.

"The Siragusa Story"?

Model and actress Kerry Garvin is from St. Petersburg, Fla., so she's getting today's LLOD honors for all the Rays fans still smarting from losing to the Rangers in the ALDS.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kerry Garvin :: Jerry Zalez

This mountain biker gets blindsided by an antelope. And it was all caught on video.

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The Dolphins fans over at want Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. To show how much they want him, they've started a "Suck for Luck" campaign, using Apple's famous "Think Different" commercial as inspiration.

Sports Video Of The Day

The folks who gave us this Bills tribute video set to The Beach Boys' Kokomo a couple of weeks ago are back with another tune -- and this one includes a Hot Clicks shoutout at the end.

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Apparently, wild turkeys are a problem in Sacramento. They've been going after joggers and other people in the neighborhood. As this reporter found out, those turkeys mean business.

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