When the Sixers officially made Ben Simmons available for a trade this offseason, a handful of teams were ready and willing to wheel and deal. Perhaps, 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey scared them away with his asking price.

Many reports have indicated the Sixers want an All-Star caliber player in return for Simmons. If they can't have that, then several young notable players and a handful of unprotected picks could get it done.

So far, it seems not a single team has gotten close to making a deal as Simmons' value remains at an all-time low after he wrapped up a rough second-round series in the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks back in June.

With training camp quickly approaching, Simmons and his camp are reportedly attempting to force Morey's hand now. Not only would Simmons welcome a trade to another team, but right now, he desires it.

Despite the number of fines he could rack up for missing training camp with the 76ers, Simmons is prepared to pay the price. As it becomes clear that Simmons has played his final minutes with Philly, the Sixers will begin to realize they'll have to trade him away sooner than later.

Unfortunately, it seems that won't be an easy move. According to The Athletic's Timberwolves writer Jon Krawczynski, there isn't much of a market for Simmons. "I think that the Ben Simmons market across the league is pretty dry," he said on The Jon Krawczynski Show recently.

While that's not surprising at this point, considering the lack of talk surrounding a possible Simmons trade, it's highly unfortunate for Morey and the Sixers as they've been trying to land a haul for the three-time All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year runner up. 

When the Simmons sweepstakes first started, there were several key targets for the Sixers, including Portland's Damian Lillard, Washington's Bradley Beal, and even Sacramento's De'Aaron Fox. With those three stars staying put where they are at, for the time being, the Sixers have to figure out whether they are going to wait it out and allow things to get ugly with Simmons still on board -- or deal away the young star for potentially less than what he's worth.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.