Best in-game dunker in NBA history: Who ya got?

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Contests are one thing, but when it comes to dunking the basketball, doing it in a game, with guys willing to challenge to stop it, is quite another.

Along those lines, we here at Amico Hoops want to hear from you, loyal readers.

We want to know your opinions on the best in-game dunker in the history of the NBA.

In this guy's opinion, it was Julius Erving, whom Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance and John "Hot Rod" Williams of the Cleveland Cavaliers once discussed in the locker room one day, as told here.

While many consider Doctor J's cradle dunk against Michael Cooper (No. 1 in the video below) to be his trademark in-game dunk, what he did to Bill Walton (No. 3 in the video below), Bobby Gross (No. 2 in the video below) and other members of the Portland Trail Blazers during the 1977 NBA Finals could be consider assault in some states and foreign countries.

Here's some visual evidence of what The Doctor did as he dive-bombed the bucket, searching for guys to embarrass and put on posters:

Of course, this canvas is blank and is yours to paint as you wish. The poll below is only a partial list of potential players for whom to vote. Feel free to hit "other" and add your rationale, including videos.

Sometimes, the best play in a game is a missed dunk, when a guy attacks the rack with such power and viciousness that the result of the play -- a miss -- leaves the crowd going bonkers, as Dennis Smith Jr. of the Knicks did the other day against courageous Davis Bertans of the San Antonio Spurs the other day at Madison Square Garden. Check out the reaction of the guys on the Spurs bench and listen to the reaction from the Garden crowd:

On the biggest stage of all, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers went for the kill against Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors in the closing minute of the historic Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. If this one had gone in, it could have gone down as perhaps the greatest in-game hammer in hoops history, consider what was at stake:

Anyway, without further ado:

Who is the best in-game dunker in NBA history?

Julius Erving Michael Jordan Dominique Wilkins Shawn Kemp Connie Hawkins Wilt Chamberlain Gus Johnson

Vince Carter Darryl Dawkins Kobe Bryant David Thompson LeBron James Other