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Patrick Beverley got his revenge. After being traded from the LA Clippers during the offseason, the veteran guard had to go through his former team on the way to the NBA Playoffs. With a play-in victory on Tuesday night, he and the Minnesota Timberwolves did exactly that. After the game, Beverley hopped on Instagram live and sent some shots at the Clippers:

Anyone who expected Patrick Beverley to act any differently than he did after this game probably has not followed him throughout his career. When he promised a playoff appearance upon arriving to Minnesota, many around the league laughed at him. Just like he has every other year of his career, Beverley helped lead this team to the postseason as an integral part of their team and overall culture.

In his postgame interview, Beverley said, "To be written off like that [by the Clippers], he’s injury prone, he’s old, to be able to play them in a play-in and beat their ass, no other [better] feeling."

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While some have been critical of Beverley's postgame celebration, the Timberwolves are an organization that has been stuck in mediocrity at best for several years now, and has seen very few playoff appearances the last two decades. Now headed back to the postseason, their team celebrated accordingly, reflecting the emotions of the city.

While Beverley sent some shots at the Clippers on Instagram live, it is all part of his brand. There will always be mutual love between he and his former organization, which he has stated several times, but on Tuesday night they were rivals.

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