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Injury updates on Kawhi Leonard have been few and far between; however, an encouraging development took place just hours before the LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors matchup in The Bay. As the only player on the floor that early, Kawhi Leonard was seen drilling off the dribble threes.

This is the most dynamic video that has surfaced of Kawhi Leonard since his injury in last year's playoffs. Videos of him casually shooting around have been out for months; however, this is the first time he has been publicly seen moving like this.

At the end of December, Jerry West said on the TK Show Podcast that "I've never seen a harder working person in my life. If you look at him now, he looks great. Doing things that I didn't expect he could do. But I'm not a doctor, and certainly don't know what the ongoing problems for not being in tip-top shape, ready to play a much quicker and agile game are, but just watching him, my goodness, if you watch him walk around, you would never know that he had that operation."

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These comments from West obviously indicated that Kawhi looked really good, and now fans have had an opportunity to see a snippet of that themselves. The Clippers have not ruled Paul George or Kawhi Leonard out for the season yet, leaving open the possibility of a return for their two star forwards.

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