It was announced this morning by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that former Memphis Grizzlies legendary power forward, Zach Randolph will be playing for the Trilogy of the Big 3 league. The Big 3 is a half-court based league that showcases former player and for a player like Randolph who feasted in the paint, it should be expected to see 'Papa Bear' continue to eat in a dominating fashion.

Randolph will serve as team captain alongside teammates David Hawkins and James 'Flight' White.  Hawkins was one of the Big 3's best players last season and White was known as one of the best dunkers of all time.  Adding Randolph to this mix will surely have Head Coach Stephen Jackson's trilogy team among the best in the league.  

My Thoughts On Zach Randolph In The Big 3

Randolph's hard-nosed play in the paint and thirst for rebounding fit his blue-collar mentality which spoke well to the hearts of Memphians during his time here and in a league where he won't have to get up and down the court, you can expect 'Fifty For Da City' to dominate in a city near you this summer.  Just in case his teammates need a scouting report on how to thrive playing with Randolph, it's simple- just throw it to the hand.

The Big 3 comes to visit Memphis on Saturday, June 20th at FedEx Forum, and I would expect that the city will be out in full effect to support one of it's favorite adopted sons.  Randolph has also chosen to serve as a Memphis Grizzlies ambassador along with former teammate Tony Allen, in a role that is still to be fleshed out.


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- Anthony Sain - Memphis Grizzlies Beat Writer and Lead Editor For Sports Illustrated's All

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