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Following a disappointing season, the Atlanta Hawks front office promised change and delivered. Through a series of shrewd moves, the roster was revamped to feature more playmakers and defensive-minded players. 

No piece of the puzzle was more important than acquiring Dejounte Murray in a blockbuster trade in June. However, much has been made of the fit between Murray and Trae Young. Can two All-Star point guards share the backcourt?

It's a question that has repeatedly been posed to head coach Nate McMillan and players this summer. Fans should prepare themselves to hear it asked again throughout the season and for the foreseeable future.

As the start of training camp nears, we want to try to answer those questions, not by looking down at advanced analytics but by looking up the skies for our answers. So today, I interviewed our social media contributor and resident astrologer, Shayla Vaxter to find out what the planets say about the team's dynamic.

A lot of attention has been placed on Dejounte Murray this offseason. What does his Zodiac sign tell us about his personality?

"Dejounte Murray is a Virgo which means he is constantly striving for perfection. Virgos are obsessive in their work effort. They are calculated, attentive, and extremely observant at all times. On the court, I believe Dejounte will put all ego aside and play whatever role is needed to win. 

In his interviews, he mentions having a late start to the game. This is actually used to his advantage. He is humble enough to know that even at this level, he is a student of the game. Virgos chase excellence and efficiency. Think Kobe Bryant, Brandon Ingram, Jimmy Butler. They are all poker-face obsessive killers who will stop at nothing to get better at what they do."

Dejounte Murray and Trae Young share the same birthday (Sept. 19). What do you infer from two Virgos sharing the backcourt?

"I think this is a very special "bro bond." The two already seem very in sync in the offseason. Both probably see a lot of themselves in the other. Two Virgos in the backcourt will mean a lot of good chemistry, balance, and alignment. We get along with the people we understand the most."

The Hawks roster underwent significant changes this offseason. Did the team dynamic shift much from an astrological perspective?

Our team has such an interesting astrological dynamic. Majority Earth & Fire signs (do your research) with very compatible energy. Chemistry is key. Earth signs (Trae, Dejounte, Clint, AJ, & John on the Virgo-Libra cusp) are going to be realistic, practical, and diligent in their work. Fire signs (De'Andre, Bogdan, Onyeka, Justin, & Jalen) will bring a bold, competitive, and spontaneous spark that powers the team forward. It is a winning recipe.

Is there anything else that stands out to you?

"The stars have aligned for us all this season. If nothing else, the Hawks are astrologically sound enough for a strong brotherhood and team culture that could carry us the distance."

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