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After months of heavy speculation, fans finally got a real picture of the 2022-23 Atlanta Hawks Nike City Edition jersey. In February, we reported on leaked images of the unreleased jerseys, and this picture confirms what fans have expected.

Like most new uniforms, the new alternate jerseys were met with mixed reviews. Some appreciated Nike's attempt at making a jersey that is fashion-friendly. Others criticized the jersey for being too plain. Check it out below, and you be the judge.

2022-23 Atlanta Hawks City Edition Jersey

Black, white, and peach Hawks jersey.

Rumored image of the 2022-23 Atlanta Hawks Nike City Edition Jersey

Nike definitely played it safe with the new City Edition jerseys compared to the bright yellow 404 uniforms of last year. A black jersey, gradient peach-colored numerals, white font (similar to FX's Atlanta [Season 4 coming soon]), with a peach/red stripe outline.

We do not see the Nike Swoosh Logo or the patch of sponsor Sharecare. However, both will be on the final product. The Hawks and Sharecare agreed to a new long-term deal last month. At this time, we do not yet have any images of the shorts or warmups. 

What We Know

Every year Nike designs new alternate jerseys for all 30 NBA teams. The City Edition jersey is meant to reflect the ethos of a city. The practice started in 2017 and has generally trended in the right direction since its inception.

The Hawks alternates have included the Volt, Black/Gold, Peachtree, MLK, and last year's 404. The design process takes place 2-3 years in advance and must clear many hurdles before approval.

Release Information

The Hawks have not yet announced the new uniforms, but they are following a similar timeline as last year. Last August, an unflattering picture of the 2021-22 City Edition jerseys leaked online, and the team officially unveiled the full uniform set on November 1.

Throughout last season, fans could buy authentic jerseys in adult sizes for $200 and replica jerseys for $110. The pricing will most likely be similar in the upcoming season. Anxious fans can visit the Hawks Shop online to go ahead and purchase any of the Hawks' three primary jerseys (Association, Icon, Statement).

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