Knicks Daily Roundup 4/8: Draft Lottery Alternatives, Frank Q&A, and More

Chris Molicki

-With the NBA Draft Lottery scheduled for May 14th and no end to the coronavirus crisis in sight, ESPN's Fran Fraschilla has a different idea for the event. The former St. John's coach spoke with Marc Berman from The New York Post about why the league should consider dropping the lottery concept for a year and doing the draft order based off the current standings, rather than holding a virtual draft lottery. Fraschilla's logic was to protect the integrity of the draft lottery, which some could question if the NBA holds this process virtually. This would give the Golden State Warriors the first overall pick, while the Knicks would receive the sixth pick.

It's easy to see why this scenario could cause an uproar. After finishing with the worst record in the league last year, having bad luck, and falling to the third pick, New York wouldn't get the chance to reverse their fortunes and potentially move up in this draft. Additionally, fans and organizations everywhere may become livid if the Warriors were handed the first overall pick after Golden State's off year. While the draft lottery may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it would be best if the NBA could find a way to conduct it fairly as they normally do.

Yesterday's roundup also went over Fraschilla's comments about who the Knicks should consider in the draft.

-The championship matchup is set. In the Knicks 2K20 Fantasy Tournament semifinals, Jonathan Macri took on Kris Pursiainen in a battle between two of the Knicks' all-time greats in Willis Reed and Bernard King. Read more about who won and will be facing Lauren Russell's team in the finals. 

-After Kevin Knox's Twitter Q&A last night, Frank Ntilikina did one himself via the Knicks' Twitter account. Check out Ntilikina's video answers to questions about his game, his confidence, which of his teammates has the best style (besides Frank of course), and more.

-There have been countless Knicks blunders over the past two decades, and this past season was more of the same. Mike Cortez of The Knicks Wall broke down the major mistakes New York has made in the past year in the form of the seven deadly sins. These mishaps include bad free agency plans, inefficient playing style, and the refusal to focus on young players over veterans.