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Willis Reed Iconic Knicks NBA Finals Warmup Jacket: Wanna Buy It?

For (at least) $10,000, a vital piece of New York Knicks history can be yours.

As New York Knicks fans prepare to watch yet another NBA Finals sans their beloved team, they can at least partake while dressing in an iconic garment from the affair...for a (five-digit) price.

Grey Flannel Auctions has opened bidding for the warmup jacket that Knicks legend Willis Reed wore during Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, with the proceedings opening at $10,000. Bids will be open through June 5. 

The lot has been posted days after the 52nd anniversary of Reed's most famous NBA moment. After an injury held him out of the sixth championship game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Reed was not expected to partake in the decisive seventh contest, where New York was seeking its first NBA championship.


However, clad in the jacket, Reed provided one of the biggest surprises in professional sports history when he took to the metropolitan floor for warmups, a display that sent Madison Square Garden into hysterics. 

Placed in the starting lineup, Reed scored only the Knicks' first four points in the eventual 113-99 win. His participation, however, was said to electrify a Knicks team facing off against Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. 

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Walt Frazier, who put in a game-best 36 points, told that "something told me we might have these guys" when Reed stepped onto the floor to participate. 

Reed, averaging 23 points and 10.5 rebounds over six appearances, was bestowed the series' MVP award.

The white jacket, featuring the Knicks' interlocking orange and blue "NY" logo, is best known for its appearance upon Reed's entrance. But Reed also wore it during his time on the bench, in the locker room celebration, and in his postgame interview with ABC's Howard Cosell. 

According to Grey Flannel, the jacket was "originally emanated from a car dealership employee who made a trade with a Madison Square Garden employee who likely traded a car for the jacket". 

Reed's prescience continues to linger on the modern NBA: in April, the Association announced that the Hall of Famer would be one of six names to be featured on the newly introduced division champion trophies. The Memphis Grizzlies were the inaugural winners of the Willis Reed Trophy, which is now bestowed to the best team in the Southwest Division.