Lakers Biggest Hater Continues Long-Tenured Social Media Rant

He has continued to hate the Lakers for years now.
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Over the years, the Los Angeles Lakers have seen their share of haters, especially in the social media world. They are one of the more historic teams in sports history so the hate comes with the territory.

However, there has been one main hater for the Lakers who has continued his tirade well throughout his basketball career. That would be former head coach George Karl, who consistently posts about Los Angeles.

After the Denver Nuggets were eliminated in the playoffs last night, Karl took to social media to mock the Lakers once again.

Even leading up to the Nuggets loss, Karl continued his long-tenured rant on social media about the Lakers. This went from the Lakers being a bad team and him taking shots at LeBron James.

Karl has continued his hate for the Lakers since Los Angeles bounced his teams in the playoffs year after year when he was coaching. To his credit, he has stayed consistent but it's time to give this up after all these years.

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Matt Levine


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