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Formula One Reporter Mistakes Potential Magic Draft Target Paolo Banchero For Patrick Mahomes

The potential Magic pick does have the same curly hair as the former NFL MVP.

It was a memorable first trip for Formula One at the Miami Grand Prix May 7.


While F1 is primarily popular in Europe, the interest in the sport is growing in the United States, and one of its fans happens to be Duke forward Paolo Banchero.

Banchero is projected to be one of the first players off the board in this summer's NBA Draft, and could be drafted by the Orlando Magic, who hold a top 6 selection.

Banchero's curly hair looked recognizable by F1 reporter Martin Brundle who works for Sky Sports.

"Patrick! Martin Brundle from Sky Sports," the reporter said, failing to get Banchero's attention.

Brundle was eventually able to track Banchero down and ask about the atmosphere surrounding the race in Miami.

"This is crazy," Banchero said. "I've never been to a Formula One race. This is spectacular."

Once Brundle was able to see Banchero face-to-face, he realized it wasn't the former NFL MVP and he asked the future top draft pick his name.

"It's not Patrick," Brundle said. "That's why he ignored me in the beginning."

Paolo Banchero

While Brundle may not have known Banchero's name, he knew he looked like a professional athlete.

Banchero is competing alongside Gonzaga's Chet Holmgren and Auburn's Jabari Smith to become the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

The NBA Draft Lottery is set to take place next Tuesday, May 17, where the Magic and other lottery teams will learn what position they will pick in for this summer's NBA Draft.