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Indiana Pacers' Drama Leads to Suspension for Greg Foster and Fine for Goga Bitadze

The Indiana Pacers suspended assistant coach Greg Foster, and fined center Goga Bitadze, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski
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The drama continued on Wednesday night for the Indiana Pacers as they dropped their second game in a row and fell to 30-35 on the season. At one point this season, they were the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.

On Tuesday evening, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported turmoil inside the Pacers' locker room and that a coaching change could be made to relieve Nate Bjorkgren after just one season at the helm.

Instead of coming out and playing hard for their coach, the Pacers went out and lost 104-93 to a lousy Kings team and committed 22 turnovers on the evening.

However, that was not the worst thing that happened because second-year center Goga Bitadze and assistant coach Greg Foster got into such a screaming match that players had to hold Foster back during the game.

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The tough scene can be seen in a post below from Rob Perez.

"We're in a frustrating stretch here, a lot going on with the challenges of navigating through a season, the competitive juices are flowing, and things like that'll happen," Bjorkgren said of the incident post-game.

On Thursday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Pacers have suspended Foster for one game and fined Bitadze.

The Tweet from Wojnarowski can be seen below.

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