Rockets to Relive 22-Game Win Streak With 'Where Amazing Happened' Watch Party

Michael Shapiro

The Rockets were at their best this century as they fought to dethrone the Warriors in May 2018, but the organization's most celebrated moment likely came a decade earlier. Houston ripped off 22 straight wins from the end of January through mid-March in 2008, sprinting from No. 10 in the Western Conference on Jan. 29 to No. 1 in the West on March 16. The Rockets didn't seize the Larry O'Brien Trophy in the summer of 2008, but the magical season will continue to live on in Houston lore. 

The Rockets will be commemorating their 22-game win streak on March 29 with virtual watch party of "Where Amazing Happened," a 2017 documentary that detailed the fourth-longest winning streak in NBA history. So what can you expect in the documentary re-airing on Sunday? 

Here's a brief refresher on one of the most exciting seasons in franchise history. 

Shaky Start Under Adelman

Let's rewind a bit before we dive into the winning streak. Jeff Van Gundy was fired after four seasons with Houston in May 2007, and the Rockets replaced him with former Kings head coach Rick Adelman. The early results were worrisome. Houston's offense sputtered out of the gate, sitting at 13–15 entering Christmas. Tracy McGrady's fourth season with Houston was off to an ugly start. 

"I was still trying to get over not having Jeff Van Gundy around," McGrady said in the film. "It really took us some time to adapt to our offensive system that coach Adelman put in."

An Amazing Streak 

Houston had stabilized its season by the time the winning streak arrived. The Rockets won nine of 12 to get within the Western Conference playoff picture, though they didn't look anything like a championship contender. Houston changed the conversation quickly. 

The Rockets excelled at winning close contests in the 22-game win streak. They kicked off the streak with a four-point win over Golden State and a three-point win in Indiana, and five of their first nine victories came within seven points. And Houston didn't snag the close victories solely on the back of McGrady. It was a true team effort as Houston ripped off 22 straight.

McGrady was solid in the streak, averaging 22.1 points per game on 43.7% shooting. He scored over 40 just once, and co-star Yao Ming was inactive for the final 10 victories. So who stepped up for Houston? A rookie stole the spotlight. Luis Scola averaged 11.6 points an 6.9 points per game in the winning streak, and he shot a blistering 55.9% from the field. Scola was active and athletic, providing a scoring spark and basketball IQ uncommon for a youngster. With a 2004 Olympic Gold Medal under his belt with Argentina, Scola was in no way spooked by a big moment.

The Aftermath

Houston's streak ended against Boston on March 18, and the Rockets went 9–7 to close the regular season before a round one playoff exit against Utah. A season that started with the Rockets outside of the Finals conversation ended the same way. But the end result feels almost immaterial over a decade later. 

The 2007-08 Rockets were one of the most enjoyable teams in recent memory. There seems to be no better time than to celebrate their thrilling season with the NBA currently on hiatus.