Would Live Mics Bring More Entertainment to Fanless NBA Games?

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry believes fans would find enjoying hearing clear trash-talk between NBA players if the league were to resume games without fans in attendance. Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg discussed Curry's take with Jimmy Traina in the latest edition of "Traina Thoughts".

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Robin Lundberg: Steph Curry said NBA games without fans could be interesting because of what the mics might pick up. For more, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Jimmy, I mean, he's right. That's a dynamic that the audience could really appreciate. And it certainly beats the laugh track Joe Buck was suggesting by pumping in-crowd noise. 

Stephen Curry has been cleared for contact and is aiming for a March 1 return.

Jimmy Traina: Much better option than crowd noise for sure. Curry said that he thinks with players knowing that everything they say in the court is going to be picked up on TV with no fans in the stands that NBA players who are already known for some special trash-talking will actually try to raise their game. Well, it will become a thing amongst the players and for the fans. I think that ends up in viewers that ends up becoming a more entertaining thing than most of the regular season games, basically. 

Robin Lundberg: And at some point, once you're caught up in the competition of it. All right, don't your guards go down even more. So you would expect guys to just be natural. 

Jimmy Traina: I think all bets are off when the NBA comes back and they play these games with no fans in the stands. Who knows how players are going to adjust and change their game or anything like that. But the fact that mics will be able to make all the sounds up should be especially, you know, when you think about all of the whining and complaining to the refs about bad calls, that the fans will definitely benefit from that.

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Robin Lundberg: Maybe to bring down the complaining because so vocal. It's funny coming from Curry because he's not the guy you're expecting to be talking so much.

Jimmy Traina:  I think he's a pretty big trash talk about when he made these comments on Jimmy Kimmel and he said that, you know, there's no one on the level of Draymond Green, but Steph does a good job with the trash, too. 

Robin Lundberg:  Yeah, well, we'll hear Draymond complain to the refs no matter what I imagine. Jimmy, appreciate your time as always. 

"Traina Thoughts" features the daily opinion of SI media columnist Jimmy Traina. You can also read more from Robin Lundberg here.

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