No. 3 Los Angeles Rams

Ranking the six NFL coach openings in order of attractiveness
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You have an enthused, still fresh and football-starved Hollywood market, a franchise running back, a dynamic defensive front seven and, best of all, a potential franchise quarterback. Head coaches considering this job will view Jared Goff not through the lens of his rookie season, but through that of his pre-draft work. This offense’s problems along the O-line and at wide receiver make Goff’s seven-game rookie season difficult to evaluate. Of course, whoever takes this job will be inheriting those O-line and wide receiver woes. They’ll also be inheriting a front office that allowed those woes to fall into place. That same front office could be destined for a shakeup in the near future.


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Best Fit for Rams

Josh McDaniels, Patriots’ offensive coordinator

It’s unlikely the entire offensive line can be fixed in one year. And yet, you still must move forward with Jared Goff. Give the young QB a spread, quick-strike passing game—a pro version of what he ran at Cal. McDaniels is best equipped to do that.