Cam Newton says he's missing one thing in life: A Super Bowl

The 2015 NFL MVP talked to high schoolers about how to become deserving of future success in life.
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Cam Newton almost has it all. An NFL MVP. A Heisman Trophy. A BCS National Championship. Two children with his longtime girlfriend. But the Carolina Panthers quarterback says something is missing from his life.

"I'm looking at my life right now and I'm saying, 'I'm missing one thing: I want a Super Bowl,'" Newton said, according to the Charlotte Observer.

While speaking to about 400 high school football players at his fifth annual 7-on-7 tournament Saturday, the former No. 1 pick stressed the idea of vying for perfection in all tasks to help assure success. He compared some of the more basic duties in football like taking a snap or making a catch, to some of the basic duties of life, like chores around the house.

The NFL's Optimism Season

Newton explained that only those who are consistently looking to perfect themselves will achieve what they deserve. He then used himself as an example to drive home the point.

"It's really certain things you have to fine-tune and say, 'Am I deserving to be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback? How can I push myself to be a better me?" Newton said.

In 2015, Newton won the NFL MVP and led the Panthers to Super Bowl 50, where they lost to the Denver Broncos 24-10. In 2016, he and the team took a step back as Newton threw for 16 less touchdowns and four more interceptions than in 2015 and the Panthers record dropped from 15-1 to 6-10.