Robert Kraft says the team is doing something “very cool” with the new banner. 

By Dan Gartland
August 08, 2017

The Patriots are doing a little redecorating before the season opener against the Chiefs in four weeks. 

After winning their fifth Super Bowl, the Patriots need a new home for their championship banners. They first had the realization in April and owner Robert Kraft teased last week that the Pats have a “surprise” for accomadating banner No. 5. 

“We had a high-class problem because we had no more room to put banners,” Kraft said. “So we had to change the construction around, so we have a little surprise for our fans that night that should be very cool.”

With the season opener on the horizon, the team has gotten started on the construction. 

So where are the banners going to end up? Kraft’s comments make it sound like it’ll be something pretty interesting. Maybe they’ll suspend them over the field?

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