Why did the NFL get rid of these in the first place?

By Khadrice Rollins
September 18, 2017

This season, the NFL has decided to allow group touchdown celebrations again. It was a great idea.

Nobody has provided a celebration of the quality of Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens just yet, but Week 2 provided a pair of celebrations that makes it seem like we could be headed there soon.

First, there was JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers he scored his first career touchdown in Pittsburgh's 26-9 victory over the Vikings.

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An imaginary dice game? Seriously? The only thing that was missing was the trio of Ashy Larry, Leonard Washington and Grits n' Gravy.

The next celebration came from the Falcons and Devonta Freeman.

This wasn't as creative as Smith-Schuster, but it did allow NBC to flashback to the old NBA on NBC music, so it gets the job done.

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It has been a while since players were allowed to be this imaginative after getting in the end zone, so it might take some time before more guys are ready with a good celebration. But thanks to Smith-Schuster and Freeman, the bar has now been set for what qualifies as a good celebration going forward.

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