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Russell Okung Says He May Skip ‘Unproductive’ Meeting With NFL Owners

Russell Okung says meetings with ownership about social justice seem “unproductive at best and disingenuous at worst.”

Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung is “disappointed” with the lack of progress made during NFL players’ meetings with owners on the topic of social justice. 

“I am disappointed that further progress has not been reached on discussions with the league,” Okung told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “NFL officials appear unmotivated and don't share the same sense of urgency. Increasingly, the meetings appear unproductive at best and disingenuous at worst. Furthermore, the ongoing disparagement of Colin Kaepernick is a factor needing remedy for the players and public to feel heard and for real progress to be made.”

Okung and other players may opt not to attend next week’s round of meetings if their concerns aren’t addressed, Schefter reports. 

Okung wrote an open letter to NFL players earlier this month urging them to reach out to him so they could organize and communicate their message more effectively. 

Okung was among a group of players invited to the first such meeting earlier this month. Former NFL lineman Willie Colon, now an analyst for SNY, said he was told “nothing got done” at the meeting

“I thought there were concrete plans to help,” Okung told Schefter. “To my dismay, that wasn’t true at all. It’s only remained as just talking. There hasn’t been any action.”

Players encouraged Colin Kaepernick to attend the first meeting but no formal invitation was extended. He is expected to attend the meeting next week.