Duke Johnson and his teammates said a prayer for Ryan Shazier.

By Chris Chavez
December 17, 2017

Cleveland Browns running back Duke Johnson scored a touchdown on Sunday afternoon against the Baltimore Ravens. After finding the end zone, he was joined by some of his teammates and took a knee to say a prayer for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier.

Shazier remains in the hospital as he recovers from spinal stabilization surgery but has started physical rehabilitation. Shazier was injured in a collision with receiver Josh Malone in a Dec. 4 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Shazier wore No. 50 for the Steelers and has received multiple tributes and visits from his teammates. 

Johnson motioned the No. 50 after the prayer.

Watch Johnson and his teammates' prayer celebration below:

The Browns trailed the Ravens 17–10 at halftime.

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