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Philly Is Covering Light Poles In Crisco To Make Sure Fans Don't Climb Them After NFC Championship

If you can climb up a pole covered in Crisco, you deserve to be as high up that pole as you please.

Philadelphia is taking an interesting approach to preventing Eagles fans from doing too much destruction after Sunday's NFC Championship.

In order to prevent the Philly faithful from climbing up light poles throughout the city, officials are greasing the poles with Crisco so it will be too slippery to climb.

The workers applying the grease to the poles are calling themselves the "Crisco Cops," according to FOX 9 in Minnesota who caught the workers in the act.

It certainly seems a tad bit excessive, but considering the reputation Philadelphia fans have built for themselves, can you blame the city for taking any sort of preventative measures? Think about how dangerous the wrong drunk fan would be up on a light pole, either throwing things at people below, or even worse, just falling off because they are too inebriated.

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The one major downside to this approach however is the consequences if the fans get so rowdy they start a fire. Poles covered in Crisco going up and down the city's streets might not be the safest thing if flames somehow become a part of an Eagles celebration and it will be even more dangerous if the Eagles lose to the Vikings.

The biggest question now is if Philadelphia is taking any preventative measures to protect the city's police horses, who were far from safe during last week's divisional round game against the Falcons. If the fans riot, we know they won't have the high ground, but will the service animals be safe to roam the streets?