Broncos Coach Vance Joseph: Demaryius Thomas 'Has Got to Move On'

The Broncos head coach said he was disappointed in Thomas's critical remarks about the team's handling of his trade to the Texans.
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Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph isn't happy with former receiver Demaryius Thomas's criticisms against the team. 

During his press conference on Wednesday, Joseph admitted that he was "disappointed" with the remarks Thomas made about the Broncos earlier this week. In a segment with 760 AM, Thomas ripped the organization following his trade to the Houston Texans, saying that Joseph lied to him about being traded. Thomas also vented his frustrations about losing playing time to Denver's younger receivers and not being named a team captain.

When asked about the comments, Joseph emphasized that the organization had "great respect" for Thomas but added that he was "disappointed to read those things about how he recalls the conversations going."

"He's got to move on. We've got to move on," Joseph said. "He's no longer a Bronco, and I can't spend any time worrying about that. But as far as reading that stuff, I'm disappointed it was presented that way, I really am."

Joseph added that Broncos players vote for the team captains and said he was unsure why Thomas expressed discontent with that decision.

"They vote for the guys they see fit, who they want to lead their football team," Joseph said. "So, I'm not sure where that came from or who discussed that with D.T. But again, I have great respect for him. The players vote for the captains. They voted for who they thought were the best guys to lead their football team. And that's it."

As for Thomas's comments about being lied to ahead of the trade deadline, Joseph said he believed it was "a little frustration on his part" but still expressed his disappointment in the way it was portrayed. 

"It was obviously a week and a half where the rumors and gossip were flowing, and we talked about the rumors and gossip. Until something happened, we all had to focus on doing our jobs and winning football games. That was, from my end, that was discussed. I’m disappointed in how he remembers it, but again, we have great respect for D.T. He was a great player here, and we honored him on Sunday. We didn’t win the game; he won the game. I think it’s a little frustration on his part, but I’m disappointed in how it came out because I don’t recall it being discussed that way. And that’s OK."

Thomas had three receptions for 61 yards in the Texans' 19-17 win over the Broncos

Denver (3–6) is on a bye week. The team will play the Chargers (6–2) in a divisional showdown on Nov. 18.