John Elway Says Expanding Replays for Pass Interference 'Won't Work'

The Broncos GM and NFL competition committee member doesn't see the expansion of replays for pass interference as feasible.
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NFL competition committee member and Broncos general manager John Elway dismissed the chances of the NFL seriously considering making pass interference calls reviewable – a request that has been circulating as the result of Sunday's NFC title game outcome.

The Washington Post's Mark Maske reported Monday that the committee would consider making pass interference calls reviewable by instant replay when the league's leaders discuss potential rule changes this offseason.

Elway said expanding replays for pass interference just "won't work."

"You can't replay every pass interference," Elway said, per Lindsay Jones of The Athletic. "It won't work."

The Rams stunned the Saints 26–23 in overtime after a late pass interference call against the Rams went uncalled. While the non-call was not reviewable, NFL senior vice president of officiating reportedly told Saints coach Sean Payton afterward that the penalty should have been issued.

The Saints could have had the chance to run time off of the clock before attempting a field-goal, if the pass interference had been called. Instead, the Rams mounted the comeback and secured their place in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

The NFL has been using a replay system since it was reinstituted in 1999, but the league has refused to allow subjective penalties such as pass interference to be reviewed.

A league source told Maske this year could be different and confirmed that the pass interference policy change would be considered, although Elway says it's unlikely to be implemented.