Tom Brady Terrifies Patriots Fans With Ski Jumping Video

You have to be careful at your age, Tom!
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Tom Brady is about to head out to his house in Montana for a relaxing week of skiing with his family. Patriots fans, meanwhile, are sweating nervously and pulling their hair out after seeing what Brady posted to Instagram just before leaving Boston. 

Brady shared a video on Friday morning of himself “studying film” on his iPad, comparing his skiing form to that of recently retired Olympian Lindsey Vonn. The scary part? Brady goes over a jump and crashes. 

Brady says he fell squarely on his left shoulder and was in “a lot of pain.” The footage had Patriots fans in the comments losing their minds, begging their demigod of a quarterback to stay safe. 


Brady likes to have fun on social media, so there’s a chance that’s not even him in the video. But if it actually is, the commenters have a point. The Patriots are one bad ski jump away from having to rely on Brian Hoyer at quarterback.