Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Explains Decision to Play Jay-Z After Kenny Stills Comments

Dolphins coach Brian Flores played eight straight Jay-Z songs at practice following Kenny Stills's remarks about the rapper's new partnership with the NFL.
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Following Thursday's preseason game between the Dolphins and Jaguars, Miami coach Brian Flores spoke to reporters about his decision to play eight consecutive Jay-Z songs at practice Tuesday after wide receiver Kenny Stills spoke about the rapper's new partnership deal with the NFL.

The deal has been met with criticism and skepticism from many, including Stills and Eric Reidof the Panthers, two of the three players left in the league who still kneel during the national anthem to protest institutional racism and systemic racial injustice in the United States.

Flores told reporters after the 22-7 win that he supports Stills and the protest was challenging the wideout to "make plays" with his decision to play the music. He then added that he told Stills in front of the team that he supported his efforts and explained, "everything that these guys protest, I've lived it. I've experienced it. So yeah, I applaud those guys' protest. Whether it's [Colin] Kaepernick or Eric Reid or Kenny, I applaud those guys. And I told Kenny that in our meeting, in front of the entire team."

Flores begins talking about Stills and his decision to play Jay-Z music at the 5:30 mark.

The day after Flores played the Jay-Z music at practice, Stills played Nas songs at his locker.

The Oklahoma product is entering his seventh season in the league and fifth with the Dolphins.