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One Woman Drops Civil Lawsuit Against Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, revealed that one woman has dropped her civil lawsuit against the Texans quarterback, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday.

“We believe we have names for 20 of the 22 lawsuits," Hardin said. "We’ve got one dismissed and we’re looking for one (name).”

The court document, though, says that the "Plaintiff reserves the right to refile this case once such concerns are addressed," and says the lawsuit was dropped "for now" in light of privacy concerns.

Last week in two separate hearings, state district judge Dedra Davis granted Hardin's request to identify one of the 22 plaintiffs. A second judge made the same determination in the cases of 12 other women Friday afternoon. Later that same day, the attorneys came to an agreement to release a 14th name. 

Before Friday, only two women had publicly been identified

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee released a statement Tuesday evening saying that his law firm will amend all 22 lawsuits to disclose the names, "even those not currently subject to any court order."

In his statement, Buzbee said his law firm "previously attempted to make available to defense counsel the names of the plaintiffs suing Deshaun Watson, and intended to do so in due course."

"We were concerned about the safety of these plaintiffs, and asked the Watson team to agree to a protective order where the identities could be used in litigation, but not broadcast to the world."

However, Hardin said in a statement last week that when his law firm asked Buzbee "to identify his clients weeks ago, he refused and told us to file a motion."

"While I understand that anonymity often is used as a shield for victims, Mr. Buzbee is using it as a sword," Hardin said in a statement on Thursday. "While shielding his clients from public scrutiny, Mr. Buzbee continues to use their anonymous allegations to destroy Mr. Watson. This is simply not right. And we look forward to resolving these matters in court."

As of Wednesday evening, 20 of the lawsuits have been amended to disclose the plaintiffs' names. Another lawsuit is expected to be refiled by Thursday.  

Here are the details for the 11 lawsuits that were amended on Tuesday to disclose the plaintiffs' names. 

These 22 civil lawsuits currently on the Harris County District Clerk's website, which were filed between March 16 and April 5, allege sexual harassment and assault during massage appointments over the last year, including one earlier in March.

The allegations range from refusing to cover his genitals to forcing women to give him oral sex.

In addition to the civil lawsuits, Houston Police Department released a statement on Friday (April 2) stating that someone has filed a report on Watson.