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It’s fitting that the Jets and Giants play in the same stadium because there is no longer a discernible difference between the franchises. In fact, the G-Men are about as poorly positioned as any team in the league. 

There’s a reason their fan base is probably feeling Big Blue today because New York is en route to a fifth consecutive losing season with no reason for optimism about the roster or the front office. We’re certainly a long way from Eli Manning beating Tom Brady or any boat parties. 

Joe Judge recently put blame on the coaching staff (and Jason Garrett was fired soon thereafter) but the true issue is that this is a football team that needs everything...including a change in said coaching as well as a new general manager and quarterback. It’s time to clean house and that must start with Dave Gettleman, whose tenure has been nothing short of disastrous.

It’s not just that the Giants have amassed only an 18-40 record under Gettleman, he’s also done nothing to set them up for the future. It's clear that Daniel Jones is not the answer at quarterback, he hasn’t been able to build an offensive line to protect Jones anyway, and he took Saquon Barkley with the 2nd pick in the draft

Turnarounds can happen fairly quickly in the NFL, but for the Giants, it sure as hell needs to be someone else in charge of any future draft capital management. Because this is a franchise that needs new management and a complete overhaul.

 Until then they’ll be looking up at the rest of the NFC East from the bottom of the league.