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Kyle Shanahan Believes NFL Overtime Rules are "Fine"

Changing the overtime rules is not something 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan sees as an issue.

Overtime rules are a hot topic of discussion right now.

The Chiefs beat the Bills 42-36 in overtime in what was an electric matchup to advance to the AFC Championship game.

However, Josh Allen and the Bills offense never got a chance in overtime. Patrick Mahomes easily drove down the field to lead the Chiefs offense to victory. Allen not getting a chance to respond has left a sour feeling for some people including myself. 

It has brought up the debate as to whether the NFL needs to adjust their overtime rules to allow both sides a chance to score. Otherwise, the coin toss essentially dictates the outcome. Even the Chiefs would support a change in the rules.

But that isn't something 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan cares for. In fact, Shanahan believes the NFL overtime rules are "fine" as they are.

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"I think the way we got it's fine," said Shanahan when asked about overtime rules. "It doesn't bother me. I think you should be able to stop someone on the touchdown if you want to back I mean that's being in ways that it's real tough not to get it but I was I never felt like it wasn't fair. I mean, those are the rules.

"I used to think the old rules were fine. That was the one I grew up with watching when we had 15 minutes and the first one scored I didn't think much was a problem with that. I think I do like the ones better now. But give us the rules and you know the rules and that's what you go in trying to win the game on. So usually mine doesn't change based off of what happens."

This is the right mentality for Shanahan to have as a head coach. Any thought of disdain for the overtime rules is not the mindset he should have regardless of it being fair or not. The rules are the rules and you either adapt to them or fall to them. 

There are strong cases to be made on both sides here with the overtime rules. I would like both team's offenses to get a chance, especially from an entertainment standpoint. 

But ultimately, I wouldn't hold my breath on the league didn't much of anything about it.