Should the 49ers Have Alternate Helmets?

Have you been wanting a new helmet for the 49ers?
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Have you been wanting a new helmet for the 49ers?

Then you are in luck. The NFL sent a memo to teams that starting in 2022, clubs will be allowed to use a second helmet. It is practically like what the NBA and MLB does with their uniforms. 

Good on the league to finally allow teams to fully rock their throwback uniforms. It is an aspect that should have been enacted long ago. However, when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers, they have essentially maintained the same helmet. Now that the NFL has given the green light, should the 49ers have alternate helmets?


There are some teams in the NFL that just have to remain the same because they are such a classic. The 49ers logo and helmet scheme must never change. It is already such a staple and a legendary look. You just do not mess with the classics. Besides, remember the last time the 49ers changed their helmet? How did that work out?

Sometimes change is for the better. Other times, it is just doing too much. Like an NFL coach should adhere to, just stick to what is working. Why step out of that successful model just to try it? Even if the 49ers were to want to change the helmet, what exactly are they going to change? Instead of gold, perhaps they go to a red shade? 

It feels like the 49ers can mess it up more than they can make it a success, so rather than to be an embarrassment or sully the original look, just keep things as they are. 

It is for the best.