Top 5 Things to Watch During 49ers OTAs

They won't wear pads, but they will scrimmage as a team and reveal crucial information.
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The 49ers will practice in front of the media on Tuesday. They won't wear pads, but they will scrimmage as a team and reveal crucial information. Here are the top five things I'll look for.

1. Attendance.

Remember, OTAs are voluntary. So who chose not to come? Will Fred Warner be there without a contract extension? And who won't be healthy enough to participate? Will Nick Bosa practice? What about Jalen Hurd? Will we even see them? Does he really exist?

2. Jimmy Garoppolo's left knee.

Does it still have that big, bulky brace on it? If so, that's a bad sign. Garoppolo tore his ACL three years ago. He said last year he didn't need it anymore, but then wore it all season. The brace symbolizes Garoppolo's fear of injury, which has increased every season. If he ditches the brace, he can win the job.

3. Trey Lance's right foot.

That's his back foot when he throws. And when he lifts it off the ground before he releases the ball, his passes tend to sail high. Accuracy will be Lance's biggest issue in the NFL. Will it be an issue in OTAs, too? Or will he correct his mechanics and keep his back foot on the ground a beat longer?

4. Kyle Shanahan's Demeanor.

Does he look like he wants to coach Lance, or like has to coach him? Remember, Shanahan never really wanted to coach Garoppolo in the first place -- John Lynch talked him into trading for him. Shanahan always wanted Kirk Cousins. And according to reports, Shanahan's first choice this year was to draft Mac Jones, not Lance. So will Shanahan reluctantly work with Lance the way he reluctantly worked with Garoppolo? Or will Shanahan nurture Lance the way he nurtured Cousins and C.J. Beathard?

5. DeMeco Ryans' defense.

Will it be good? Because it ranked fifth last season without Nick Bosa. Now Bosa's back, so the defense should be even better. But it also lost Robert Saleh. And in the offseason, Saleh's defenses routinely outplayed Shanahan's offenses in practice. Can Ryans do the same thing? Or will Shanahan school him?