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Who is the Dream Quarterback for the 49ers?

The 49ers certainly have a dream quarterback that they would like to acquire this offseason.

Jimmy Garoppolo is very likely going to be the starter for the 49ers in 2021.

However, that does not mean he is their ideal player. The 49ers certainly have a dream quarterback that they would like to acquire this offseason. There is a reason why they are constantly tied to reports and rumors to other quarterbacks. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are prepared to aim big for an improved starter.

Deshaun Watson is still out there, despite the Texans remaining firm that they are not trading him. Plus, you never know what other team is going to make their starter available. 

So who is the dream quarterback for the 49ers?

You would automatically think it is Watson, when in fact it is not. The dream quarterback for the 49ers is Justin Fields. The 49ers need to finally bring a top prospective talent from the draft that they can groom and develop. With Fields, he could step in and be the starter. It just might not be all sunshine and flowers to start off. 

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Fields is a fantastic fit for the 49ers, which I have no doubt in my mind that he is a target of Shanahan and Lynch. Why else did they inquire about Teddy Bridgewater? It wasn't to have him be Garoppolo's backup, but to explore a path in case they can get a rookie quarterback.

With Fields, the 49ers would finally have the ability to threaten with deep shots down the field. His accuracy is pinpoint along with his skills to move around in the pocket should the protection collapse. Do not expect Fields to be a statue. The guy is capable of keeping the play alive.

Take a look at quick overview of Fields by NFL Draft Analyst, and former All49ers writer, Matt Holder below.

Obviously, Watson is the much better player than Fields, but what makes Fields the better option than Watson is the cost. The 49ers will have a cost-controlled quarterback for the foreseeable future, whereas Watson will drain the salary cap after 2021. Not to mention that acquiring Watson is going to take an insane haul that is going to leave the 49ers' resources high and dry. At that point, the 49ers will look just like the Texans did this past season where it is just Watson and a bunch of nobody's.

There is some cost with Fields as well when it comes to draft capital. It is not like he is magically going to fall down to No. 12. However, I do see a scenario where he slips past the top five, giving the 49ers a prime opportunity to trade up for him. I would suspect the Eagles at No. 6 as a trade partner for the 49ers. If that happens, then boy will Shanahan and Lynch pull the trigger. 

This is the 49ers' dream quarterback this offseason. Unfortunately, this dream just might remain as just that for them because the pieces will need to fall in place for them in order to make their dream a reality.