Will the 49ers Have Over or Under 10.5 Wins in 2021?

2021 brings enormous expectations for the San Francisco 49ers.
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2021 brings enormous expectations for the San Francisco 49ers.

Of all the expectations that surround the team, the one that they have to meet is having a winning season. Another losing season will not be acceptable for them. Finishing 6-10 last year was abysmal, though despite the losing record it took half of their team to get injured for it to happen.

This upcoming season they must rewrite that wrong and show they truly are a winning team. But it is not just about getting to nine wins to achieve it, they must win double-digit games and be in the playoffs. The only reason it will be tough for them is because of the division they play in and because of self-inflicted wounds. That is why Draftkings Sportsbook has set the over/under number at 10.5 wins for the 49ers.

So will the 49ers have over or under 10.5 wins in 2021?

Easily over 10.5 wins.

It is quite difficult to see the 49ers not reel in 10 or 11 wins. The floor for them in wins is 10 in 2021, which would be a 10-7 record. Not the prettiest record anymore because of that extra loss, but that is the floor for them. If the quarterback position is not a concern this season, then there is no reason for them to not rip off 12 or 13 wins.

Even if envisioning over 10.5 wins is tough, whether it is because of a potential drop-off on defense with a new defensive coordinator or the offensive line is shaky, then I would still pick it. The 49ers have to get over that 10.5 number to clinch the division and set themselves up with great playoff seeding. Plus, Kyle Shanahan has only one winning season with the 49ers, so another dominant winning one to help clean up his record is something he surely wants.

Are you taking over or under 10.5 wins for the 49ers?