Bills now in wait-and-pounce mode after NFL Draft

They don't have much left to spend under this year's salary cap, but they're always looking to improve.
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Just because the Bills were surprisingly successful in free agency by being able to keep so many players from fleeing and then helped themselves immensely in the NFL Draft despite being 30th in the order, it doesn't mean the roster-building process for 2021 is complete.

Just because they have less than $5 million to spend this year, based on the most current figures provided by the NFLPA, it doesn't mean they're not looking to sign more veterans who can help. It's just that they're going to have to be extra judicious while in scavenger mode.

"Now's the time where teams are still making adjustments to their rosters," general manager Brandon Beane told One Bills Live, "some based on maybe a guy they've got a high cap number for and they drafted someone high and they didn't want to release him until they saw what they had in the draft, and now they're comfortable moving on.

"So I think over the next four or five weeks, there will still be some movement, and we'll definitely be scouring to the waiver wire to see what somes available, if there's a guy we think could compete to start or just be a back-end depth piece for us."

The goal, Beane reiterated is to "make it hard as heck to be on that 53, and I've just found that the successful teams that I've been on, when you were struggling to pick that 53-man roster, that was usually a team that was tough for others to deal with."

Beane probably couldn't have been happier with the way the draft unfolded.

Had they not been able to draft Wake Forest defensive end Boogie Basham in the second round at No. 61 overall, they had a deal in place to move back and acquire an extra pick.

"I was excited about either one," Beane said. "I'm going, `OK, if we get Basham, that's my first choice. But if not, we've got a good plan in place here that we can add what I think will be value.' "

Third round, same thing with Northern Iowa tackle Spencer Brown. If he hadn't been there for him at No. 93, they likely would have traded out of that spot too.

Suffice to say they have targets on other teams they're ready to pounce on if they become available.

But if none of them come free, that's fine too. Beane and his staff have done a great job of loading this year's roster with more than respectable depth at every position.

They can play the hand they have now or go for some new cards. Either way, they're in pretty good shape.

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