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Bills at Ravens: QB Josh Allen Reasons to Be 'Happy' After Heated Dolphins Loss?

Despite the heated frustration stemming from Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is looking on the brighter side of things headed into Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens.

"Happy'' would be the last word to describe the Buffalo Bills after the 21-19 loss at the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. 

"Tired.'' "Overheated.'' Maybe even "fuming.'' Those would work. 

Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw his helmet down in frustration last week as the team was unable to get to the line in time to spike the ball and get a chance at a last-second field goal. Simultaneously from the booth, cameras caught offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey throw a literal tantrum by smashing his tablet and headset in a video that has since gone viral. 

Happy? Hardly. But Allen seems to be feeling on the lighter side headed into Buffalo's (2-1) matchup with the Baltimore Ravens (2-1) on Sunday. 

"You're gonna have to have games like that where you do have mishaps in order to clean them up," Allen said this week as the Bills turn their attention to a visit to Baltimore. "We're just happy that it happened in Week 3 and not Week 17."

Taking a loss to an AFC East rival in the way the Bills did makes it hard to find reasons to be happy. Allen mentions Week 17, but a Buffalo win against Miami would have actually put the Bills closer toward a more realistic chance of resting some starters in the second-to-last week of the season.

But it can go both ways. Should the Bills be faced with a similar situation in the playoffs, Sunday's events will likely have them much more prepared to be in position to get a last-second spike executed quicker.

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"Obviously being better in situational football," Allen said of what the team learned. "Right before the half making sure that I get the snap cleanly and find a way to spike the ball and allow ourselves to kick a field goal there or if it's a mindset or decision that we can change throughout the game and make sure that we're all on the same page."

Before the loss to Miami, the Bills had blown out their first two opponents with ease. It's hard to imagine a matchup with the Ravens on the road ending similarly, as Allen vs. Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson could spark a game that comes down to the wire.

And in the end, win or lose, the Bills will likely have another handful of unique lessons and takeaways to learn from.

"Every game presents its own opportunities and obstacles that we gotta find a way to fight through," Allen said. "This last one being in critical situations."

Buffalo and Baltimore kickoff from M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday at 1 p.m. E.T. 

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