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Halftime Update: Self-Inflicted Wounds Result in Buccaneers Trailing Saints, 3-0

How the second half needs to unfold, for the Bucs to get a win.

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... the New Orleans Saints ... at halftime of Week 2. 

As we did last week, let's discuss what we've seen so far, and what we want to see in the second half for the Bucs to come away with their second win to start the season. 


If I told you that Tampa Bay's offense reached the Saints' 26-yard line or better on each of their first two drives while New Orleans never crossed the Bucs' 30, you'd think that was a pretty good start to the game. 

However, thanks to a botched snap between quarterback Tom Brady and his center Robert Hainsey, a failed fourth down conversion, and a three and out after starting on the 50-yard line, the Bucs came away scoreless after three possessions.

And each should have produced at least a field goal.

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On New Orleans' first drive of the game, they had four first downs before reaching third down once. 

That drive resulted in three points for the Saints. 

After that, the Bucs defense allowed just one first down on the next two possessions and four total in the remainder of the half. 

Thanks in no small part to two soft penalties called against the Bucs defense on third downs that would have resulted in punts.

So, we know what we saw. Now let's look at what we need to see for the Buccaneers to get a win this afternoon.


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There's nothing wrong with being aggressive. In fact, violence in action is one of the main drawing points that attracts fans. 

But picking your spot is important, and the decision to go for it on fourth down early in this game from inside the New Orleans 10-yard line was ill-advised in the moment and proven to be a bad decision in hindsight. 

We know this game means more to Tampa Bay than most Week 2 matchups, but risking points before it's necessary shouldn't be something this coaching staff makes a habit of. 

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Everyone knew the Buccaneers would come into this game looking to establish the running game. 

Nine carries for running back Leonard Fournette in the first half proved the expectations to be true.

But while the emphasis was put on the ground, Brady was also able to connect with receivers Scotty Miller and Mike Evans on separate explosive passes. 

One for 23 yards, and the other for 41, both of which put the Bucs in a position to score points. 

If this team continues to issue body blows on the ground, they'll continue finding spots for big swings like they did in the first half. 

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