Mahomes on Andy Reid’s Legacy: ‘You’ll Remember Him as a Kansas City Chief'

The Chiefs' superstar quarterback knows just how impactful his head coach has been over the course of his illustrious career.
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While the Kansas City Chiefs' 42-30 win over the Philadelphia Eagles was a much-needed victory for the team, it also carried some additional significance. The contest clinched Andy Reid's 100th victory with the Chiefs, making him the only coach to ever win 100 games with two different franchises. The homecoming game couldn't have had a better finish. 

It's been a long time coming for Reid, who joined Kansas City in 2013 after winning a franchise-record 140 games with Philadelphia from 1999 until 2012. In less than a decade with the Chiefs, he's led the team to numerous playoff appearances and a pair of trips to the Super Bowl — including the organization's first championship win in half a century. Reid's impact on the franchise cannot be understated.

Another beneficiary of Reid's leadership and tutelage: quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The 2018-19 NFL MVP has developed one of the league's better working relationships with his current head coach. After Sunday's game, Mahomes spoke about just how cool it was for Reid to get win No. 100 back at his old stomping grounds.

"It was definitely exciting to get him that win," Mahomes said. "We were due to get him that win, it had been a couple of weeks now, but I'm glad we got to do it in Philadelphia and around where he kind of came into his own. And now he's in Kansas City, and it's a good thing he's here with us."

While Eagles ended up winning a Super Bowl after Reid's departure, the franchise has struggled in recent years. The Chiefs, on the other hand, have been one of the most consistent winning teams in the league ever since Reid took over at head coach. He and Mahomes have formed an unstoppable duo that keeps opposing defensive coordinators up at night, and they get along extremely well both on and off the field. Mahomes also touched on Reid's legacy and how grateful he is to have him as his coach.

"I think when you look back, you'll know him as a Kansas City Chief," Mahomes said. "The way he was able to kind of build up this organization from day one and win, build up to where we won the Super Bowl and got back to the Super Bowl, and now where we're at now, he's building something. He'll continue to build, and we have a lot of young guys on this team who he gets the best out of every single day. No offense to Philly, but I'm glad they let him go and he's here coaching us in Kansas City."

This season has been far from perfect for the Chiefs, a team that started 1-2 and found itself looking up at the rest of the AFC West after three weeks. With that said, a convincing win over the Eagles could be the springboard necessary to launch this team into a successful stretch. With no end in sight for Reid, he's enjoying his time in Kansas City. Mahomes knows that while it was special for Reid to get a monumental win at a place where he made so many good memories, his current team is the one he'll be remembered as having the greatest impact on.

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