Anthony Sherman's Top 5 Moments with the Kansas City Chiefs

There may not be any better way to celebrate Fourth of July weekend in Chiefs Kingdom than by remembering the top five moments from Kansas City's star-spangled fullback.
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Former Kansas City Chiefs star-spangled fullback Anthony Sherman deserves to be featured on this Fourth of July weekend in Kansas City. Though he's now retired from the NFL (which he announced with the help of a helicopter) Here are the now-retired back's top five moments from his time in Kansas City.

Former Kansas City Chief Anthony Sherman is proud to be an American. Maybe it’s the patriotic spandex he wore to training camp or the tattoo of the American Flag painted on his right bicep. He’s 100% American made and isn’t ashamed of it.

Not only that but his nickname is the sausage, and who doesn’t love a fun time grilling and hanging out with friends and family on the fourth of July weekend? Seems like it was only appropriate to highlight the top plays of Sherman’s career with the Chiefs.

First Touchdown (10/27/13)

No one will ever forget Sherman's first touchdown as a Kansas City Chief! A bowling ball type runner even after the catch, all the way until he crossed the goal line.

First Playoff Touchdown (1/4/14)

In the first playoff action of his career, Sherman capitalized on a first half shovel pass from Alex Smith to give the Chiefs a 24-7 lead over the Indianapolis Colts on the road during Wild Card Weekend. We won’t talk about how the rest of the game played out, but it was exciting for Sherman and the rest of Chiefs Kingdom in that first half.

Fireworks with Mahomes (9/9/18)

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes dropped an absolute dime to a streaking Sherman down the sideline. This was one of the first of many touchdown passes to come in Mahomes’ career and I’m sure Sherman would agree it is the most explosive play of his career.

Shovel From Mahomes (9/28/20)

In what would be the first under-hand touchdown pass of Mahomes’ career, Sherman’s execution was impeccable and he was able to get in the end-zone on a beautifully drawn up play.

Pro-Bowl MVP Snub (1/27/19)

Sherman went off in the Pro Bowl and should have won MVP. His teammate, the starting quarterback for the AFC, ended up taking home the trophy. We will always know in our hearts that Sherman deserved it.

Bonus: Blocking to a Super Bowl Ring (2/2/20)

Sherman was the lead blocker and opened up the hole for Damien Williams’ memorable touchdown run that sealed the Chiefs 2020 Super Bowl victory. This was Sherman’s role more often than not, doing the dirty work that goes unnoticed by most, but he played an important role on the Chiefs for years.

Hopefully Sherman is drinking a cold one, wearing some Patriotic spandex, and showing off his tattoos while enjoying his weekend celebrating the birth of our great nation. Here’s to hoping you enjoy your Fourth of July weekend as well.