Should the Chiefs Trade for Julio Jones?

If the Atlanta Falcons are truly looking to trade star wide receiver Julio Jones, should the Kansas City Chiefs pony up the draft capital to bring Jones to KC?

The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly looking to trade away star wide receiver Julio Jones. Should the Kansas City Chiefs give up the draft picks and make the salary cap room to bring Jones to KC? The Arrowhead Report roundtable reconvenes to answer that question.

Tucker Franklin: I don't think there is anyone in Chiefs Kingdom fully against Kansas City adding another dynamic talent at wide receiver. It's still the one position group in need of a talent infusion. Adding the two-time All-Pro would certainly give Kansas City's wide receiver room a boost in the talent department, but would it be worth it? The Falcons aren't likely to part with their star receiver for chump change and Jones brings along a large cap hit. With the Falcons in the early stages of a rebuild, they're going to want to get as many draft picks as possible in return for Jones. The Chiefs would likely have to give up at least a first-round pick and a combination of a second- or third-round selection with a later pick as well. Is giving up that draft capital worth taking on Jones's likely $15 million cap hit? I don't think so.

Kansas City only has an estimated $7 million left in cap space for 2021. That's going to take some work from general manager Brett Veach. And while he hasn't missed time, Jones has certainly been on the injury report a decent amount. Not to mention that Jones is 32 and will turn 33 in February. Would a trade for Jones be fun? Absolutely. Is this Madden? Nope. Would I be mad if the Chiefs were able to pull it off? Not at all.

Jordan Foote: In taking on significant cap hits for each of the final years of Julio Jones's contract in addition to forfeiting draft compensation, the Chiefs would undoubtedly be making a sacrifice in order to acquire the future Hall of Fame wide receiver. A Tyrann Mathieu extension would generate quite a bit of immediate cap relief but even then, Tyreek Hill is due for a renewed deal in the near future as well. By adding Jones, one of the more top-heavy rosters in the league would be investing more money into star players and possibly be losing a first-round pick in the process. With Jones's recent production and injury history, it’s worth questioning whether giving up significant draft capital would be a wise move by the Chiefs — especially given the fact that adding productive players on rookie contracts will be critical for Veach and company moving forward. Jones would be so much fun in Kansas City, but the money and draft picks have to be right in order for a trade to get a vote of confidence from me.

Taylor Witt: The Chiefs are in a position that most organizations in sports strive to be: championship or bust. Trading for Jones would be the final piece in the puzzle for assembling the best roster in football, with the greatest chance of winning a ring. That's the end goal. No price in draft picks or player salary is too high to get Julio Jones to Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs have had one first-round pick in the last four drafts, so I don't want to hear anything about the team needing their picks. What they need is rings, and Jones would all but guarantee that outcome. With their rebuilt offensive line, they would have a legitimate case as being the best offense of all time. Sign me up for that 10 times out of 10.

Conner Christopherson: If the Chiefs are all-in on winning this year, then trading for Jones does make some sense. Without a standout XWR on the roster, Jones would fit right into that hole and give the Chiefs one of the most dynamic offenses of all time. It is hard to not want to see Jones, Hill and Travis Kelce on the same field at once. However, beyond the on-the-field implications, the trade starts to make less sense. Any team trading for Jones will have to pick up a $15.3 million price tag in 2021. With around $7.5 million in salary cap space currently, the Chiefs would have to make a fair bit of room. Jones is also on the wrong side of 30 and has had his share of wear and tear over the years. While his price tag for the next two years is manageable and the price seems to be less than a first-rounder, it is hard to see the move being smart for the Chiefs. If the asking price is low enough it could make sense. Would the move be fun though? Unequivocally, yes.

Mark Van Sickle: Would it be nice to have Jones in Kansas City for a season? Heck yes. Do you want the Chiefs to give up a first-round pick for him? Probably not. Julio has been a beast when healthy, but he has suffered through some injury issues the past few years. Assuming the Falcons wouldn't eat the majority of the contract, his price tag should factor in as well. If you can give up a third-rounder in 2022 and maybe late-round pick swaps in 2023 for Jones, I would definitely consider it. Thinking about Patrick Mahomes having the options to throw it to Hill,  Kelce or Jones seems like video game silliness, and I’d be here for it!

Jacob Harris: Yeah, fine, go ahead. I give my approval.

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