Andy Reid Expresses Support for Mahomes, Mathieu and Black Lives Matter Movement

Joshua Brisco

While speaking to reporters for the first time since the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid expressed his support for his players who have spoken out and for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In his opening statement, Reid spoke for over seven minutes about his support of Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu, how encouraged he has been to see the diversity among the Black Lives Matter movement and how heartened he is by this generation of young people standing up for their beliefs.

"With the issue with the racial issues going on now, it breaks my heart. I'm an old head, so I've been around long enough to see a few generations... I'm so happy, I'm so fired up about our younger generation, man. They're taking it and they're attacking this thing the right way. I just think we have this great country, and these kids know how great this country is... and all they wanna do is make this country better."

Reid also directly addressed the Black Lives Matter movement and expressed his explicit support for the movement and his players who have stood up for the cause.

"We're sitting here with this push on Black Lives Matter, and absolutely they matter, man. I think it's a beautiful thing," Reid said. "I'm in complete support with them. I believe in communication. I believe in what my parents taught me about, at times like this, you have large ears. You sit and you listen and you learn and you become better. And so that's where I'm at. I appreciate Patrick and Tyrann for what they did and standing up and making a statement that allows all of us to be in a better place, where love is first and we can surround all of ourselves with great people, and most of all respect people that we come in contact with."

Through the remainder of his press conference, Reid addressed continued concerns, repeatedly supported the statements made by Mahomes and Mathieu, voiced support for how Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt has handled the situation and announced that Mahomes and Mathieu are working with the Chiefs to encourage voter registration in the community.

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