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PODCAST: A Colts Podcast Reveals Nuggets from Chris Ballard’s Presser

Brandon and Andrew look at what the Colts’ general manager had to say about the future at quarterback, the offseason plan, and more.

The 2021 season ended far sooner than any Indianapolis Colts fan wanted, with a heartbreaking loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.

With the end of the season comes the annual end-of-year press conference by Colts general manager Chris Ballard as he answers numerous questions regarding the past season and what the Colts are looking to do in the offseason.

It’s very rare that a general manager is as transparent as Ballard, let alone takes the time to answer questions the media might have for him about every facet of the team. But this press conference is always great for the fans, as Ballard will many times shoot things straight and give a very honest account of what the team is thinking.

On Thursday, Horseshoe Huddle Analyst Andrew Moore and co-host Brandon Moses of A Colts Podcast broke down the nearly 66-minute press conference from the Colts GM and what it all means for the Colts moving forward. The guys examined Ballard’s comments on Carson Wentz and his future with the Colts, a demand for the pass rush to be better, acquiring upgrades at key spots on the team, and much more.

Brandon and Andrew also take a look at the rest of the Colts news from the week as various coaches and front office personnel from the Colts are interviewing for promotions around the league.

After the Colts talk, the guys look at the final Pick’em Standings as a winner is declared for the 2021 season. They also give their picks on who will win during the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend.

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Finally, the show ends recapping all of the news around the league as head coaching and general manager positions become available all around the NFL.

Stay tuned to A Colts Podcast all season long as the go-to for all Colts’ game previews and recaps throughout the year. Special guests and analysts will be featured to give you a comprehensive look at each Colts’ game of the 2021 season.

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