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Jonathan Taylor, Even More Dangerous in 2022?

It's a scary thought for NFL defenses, but Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor could be even better in 2022.
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Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor nearly lapped the field last season when it came to winning the NFL's rushing title.

His 1,811 yards were more than 500 yards better than Nick Chubb who finished in second place. Once Derrick Henry went down in Week 8, ironically against the Colts, any competition Taylor had for the rushing title was gone. 

Already considered the No. 1 overall fantasy prospect by many, head coach Frank Reich thinks Taylor could be even 2022, his third season in the NFL.

"He’s just come in – he’s obviously in great shape," said Reich on Thursday. "But I remember the first year thinking it took a little bit for him to kind of see blocking schemes to develop."

"Now I feel like he kind of came in in midseason form there. Understanding what we’re doing up front, how to fit the hole, how to set guys up. I mean really from Day One, to me it looked like he was in midseason form in that regard."

"Then as a route-runner out of the backfield, the work he’s done in one-on-ones and what we’ve done in the pass game – he’s a three-down back. He can do anything."

Taylor had 40 catches for 360 yards in 2022, but Reich made it sound like he was just scratching the surface on what he can do as a receiver out of the backfield.

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Taylor is entering the season ready to improve on what he accomplished in 2022.

“You always expect to go into every season to have a great season," said Taylor. "I mean, that’s what you prepare for in the offseason. If you don’t, then you might’ve not prepared enough in the offseason."

Taylor takes every play personally, believing no one is going to tackle him.

“Definitely. I mean, every play is designed to score," said Taylor. "You just have to make sure you do your part and say, ‘Hey, when I get the ball, my part is to make this one guy miss, and it should be a touchdown.’"

The addition of quarterback Matt Ryan should help loosen up defenses designed to stop Taylor. Ryan's accuracy on short and intermediate routes will benefit Taylor as well.

Taylor set a high bar in his second season in the NFL with 2,171 yards from scrimmage and 20 touchdowns.

A bar he's prepared to clear in 2022.