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Pittman Fights at Camp (Again), Plus Leonard Injury Update

Michael Pittman Jr. has been routinely getting into scraps at training camp. Frank Reich addresses the concern and provided an update on Shaquille Leonard.
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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman plays with an edge. 

That edge has been on full display at training camp this week as Pittman and Rodney McLeod got into a fight on Wednesday.

It wasn't the first time Pittman had been involved in a scrap this week, but head coach Frank Reich doesn't seem overly concerned.

"We definitely encourage playing with an edge," Reich said when asked about Pittman's intensity toeing the line of too much. "That’s part of what makes Pitt, Pitt."

"But we don’t want to cross that line, especially with our own teammates. We don’t want to hurt our team."

"So, those are things that we just deal with as they come up, and our guys are pretty mature and know how to do handle that stuff."

"So, we’ll just kind of move on from it."

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Practice scuffles are as old as the game itself. When it comes between players on opposite sides of the ball, there's generally nothing to be concerned about. The players themselves chalk it up to the heat of the moment and move on as well.

Reich also provided an update Wednesday on Shaquille Leonard's injury and availability. Leonard has missed all of the offseason workouts including preseason camp while he recovers from back surgery he had in June.

"He is doing great," said Reich. "He has really been into it out on the field, staying locked into what we are doing schematically. Really staying in tune with the team and the guys and everything." 

"I know he is continuing good rehab – having progress but we are still not in that mode. I don’t think it is imminent, but I think he is making progress."

An imminent return for Leonard would be a boost for the Colts defense, but that isn't in the cards yet.

The Colts will hold joint practices with the Detroit Lions on August 17th and 18th, and while Leonard isn't likely to be a full participant, Pittman and his teammates will look forward to knocking heads with opponents instead of teammates that week.