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'Really Good Dude': Logan Thomas Shares Thoughts on Washington QB Carson Wentz

Finally, some real time commentary on the team's newest quarterback

Whether or not Carson Wentz is the long-term answer for the Washington Commanders at quarterback is something the future will tell. 

Any real predictions supporting or doubting it will happen are based on old information with no real sense of how the future will unfold. 

That being said, most of the expectations are Wentz will likely be with the team for one of the remaining three years on his current contract. 


But those expectations are based on the past.

As time continues, we'll get a better glimpse of what Wentz the Commanders quarterback looks like, so we can stop drawing conclusions from his previous forms with the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles. 

The only people really equipped to talk about how the quarterback is handling things in Washington are those inside the organization, including veteran tight end, Logan Thomas.

"The guy just wants to win. He wants to win now," Thomas said during an appearance on The Sports Junkies Show. "He's not young in the league anymore now, either. A guy that's coming in that's hungry who felt like he got pushed aside from his last team. I think he's [feels like he's] got something to prove."

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I don't think anyone could argue with the sentiment Wentz has something to prove. 

The quarterback who Thomas describes as "a really, really good dude" hasn't proven much in the past few seasons. At least, not anything he wants to be known for. 

But he'll get another chance here, with an offense equipped with the best weapons he's ever played with. 

"Honestly, I think this might be the most talent he's had in the receiver room, tight end room, pass-catching running backs and such as well," said Thomas. 

And most would agree. 

Logan Thomas
Terry McLaurin
j.d. mckissic

A team in need of better quarterback play, weapons looking for more consistency in the passes they try to catch, a team looking for leadership, a franchise in need of wins, and a quarterback determined to prove he still possesses the talent everyone once thought he did. 

Carson Wentz and the Washington Commanders look tailor-made for each other, and Logan Thomas appears to be someone who believes it can all happen in 2022.