Cowboys Will Order 'Spicy Sausage' In NFL Draft?

Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones reveals what helps the team make tough personnel  decisions on draft night
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No matter which way you slice it, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have a difficult decision when it is their selection at next Thursday night's NFL Draft. 

And according to COO Stephen Jones, what they might be slicing is ... spicy sausage?

Needs surround the Cowboys on both sides of the ball. From cornerback to safety, to linebacker, to both offensive and defensive line, Dallas can go any number of directions on Draft night. 

With the addition of a new defensive coordinator in Dan Quinn, who will likely be looking for different traits in his players than the previous staff, those choices could become even more difficult. 

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So how will the Cowboys navigate their way through those choices? In a recent interview with 105.3 the Fan in Dallas, Stephen Jones hinted at the different ways prospects can be assets.

"I think that they all weigh in," Jones said of those traits. "It's just to what degree and it all goes into the mix if you will. It's kind of like making sausage. Different coaches bring different things that they stress a little more. Some like their sausage spicy, some like it a little more bland.

"And all of that will be put in in terms of coming up with what we ultimately decide is the best selection for the Cowboys."

However, in such a deep draft, especially at the cornerback spot where the debate between Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II will be one of the most closely-contested in the entire draft, how you decide between two players with such infinitesimal talent discrepancy?

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If you ask Jones, it may just boil down to intangibles like character and medical history, where the Cowboys have arguably struggled at times in the last few drafts. 

"Character ... medicals ... all of the above,'' he said to K&C Masterpiece. "A guy may have a little edge as what we say is a better skill set by a little bit, but then a guy that's just below him might overcome some of that because of his football character, or because he's healthier, or because he comes with some characteristics that we like. So all of that plays in and can make a difference."

As can, apparently, "spiciness.'' In the sausage.