Eagles Playing by Jeffrey Lurie's Rules

It's a concern when the owner steps in to usurp the authority of the head coach and general manager regarding the all-important QB position
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You can forget about the Eagles taking a quarterback at No. 6.

And that competition at every position head coach Nick Sirianni talked about nearly six weeks ago in his one and only news conference so far, well, forget that, too. At least at the QB position.

On Monday, owner Jeffrey Lurie thwarted GM Howie Roseman’s attempt at drumming up business in trading out of 6 and he also threw some cold water on the competition-at-every-position theme Sirianni talked about during his Jan. 29 presser.

After the Eagles agreed to deal Carson Wentz to the Colts on Feb. 18 – a deal that won’t become official until the NFL’s new league year on March 17 – it was leaked that the Eagles would explore taking a quarterback in the top 10 of the draft.

It felt like a smokescreen even then because the Eagles never telegraph any specific thoughts about a draft.

No doubt now it was a bluff, but one quarterback-needy team such as the Carolina Panthers at No. 8 and Denver Broncos at No. 9, had to take seriously and maybe try to swap places with Philly and give up another pick somewhere down the line to do so.

Teams looking for a quarterback, and you can throw the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears into the mix, still might try, but now that they know the Eagles won’t be taking one, that suddenly leaves one of the perceived top four or five, if Mac Jones is included, to drop into their laps, because they know the Lions, who pick No. 7, aren’t taking a passer, either.

Bringing in another quarterback at No. 6 seemed counterproductive from the start, anyway, after the Eagles took Jalen Hurts in the second round last year, especially if you believe in him. And by all accounts from many people talked to since season’s end, the Eagles believed in Hurts.

In fact, it was reported by SI.com Eagle Maven on Feb. 8 that the Eagles were all-in on Hurts, and that story ran was 10 days before they agreed to trade Wentz to the Colts.

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ESPN’s Chris Mortensen simply confirmed that when he reported on Monday that Lurie wants Hurts to be the starter, that there is no need to bring in competition, and that he wants Rosman to do what he can to help make Hurts as successful as possible.

Perhaps the big bombshell in Mort’s report is that not everybody is in agreement that Hurts should be the starter.

Let’s hope it’s not Sirianni, who really wanted competition at every position.

“Every position is going to be evaluated and every position is going to be open,” said Sirianni more than a month ago.

Now it won’t be at the most important position on a football field, and the coach has no say in that anymore.

As Mortensen reported, "(Sirianni) understands what the owner wants, the owner gets."

Maybe Lurie is regretting not taking that no-competition stand at the QB position last year. Maybe he believes if his team had not drafted Hurts, Wentz would still be on the roster and his team's fortunes would have turned out differently in 2020.

Still, it's concerning when the owner decides who the quarterback will be.

That should be the job of the head coach.

Nor does it seem like a good thing when an owner decides that more pieces should be put in place to help a quarterback succeed.

A team's needs should be determined by the GM.

But, hey, it’s Lurie’s team and he can do whatever he wants with it, even if it means usurping authority from his general manager and head coach.

All a fan base can do, other than making angry Twitter posts, is cross its fingers and hope the owner is right.

Ed Kracz is the publisher of SI.com’s EagleMaven. Check out the latest Eagles news at www.SI.com/NFL/Eagles and please follow him on Twitter: @kracze.