Will The 2020 NFL Season Make It Through COVID-19?

Anthony Covington Jr

Will there be a 2020 NFL season without COVID-19 issues?

The Answer to me is no, with all the traveling that has to be done I don't see anyway the season could make it through without a handful of players contracting the virus. Especially in states like Florida, Texas where their states operate under different Covid-19 guidelines than in state like New York and Boston. 

The only way I see this season making it through is if they somehow get an NBA style bubble to keep all the players inside and hope none of them manage to get out to get chicken wings. Is it possible? Probably not but if they want to get through the whole NFL season the league is going to have to find out away to limit the traveling the players do when they are not at the practice facilities.

There are already upwards of 40 players who have opted out of 2020 season so far, and I wouldn't doubt if we saw more players opting out before Thursday's 4PM deadline. The Atlanta Falcons are Fortunate not to have any players opt out of the 2020 season so far. They do however have a handful of guys who are on the COVID-19 reserve list and who knows how many more to come. 

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