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Matt vs. Matt: Falcons' Ryan & Rams Stafford: Who's the Hall of Famer?

Does winning a Super Bowl really have that much weight on the likeliness of a player getting into the Hall of Fame?

Does a Super Bowl win negate the lack of career accolades when it comes to the NFL Hall of Fame? 

Former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman does not think it should - at least not when it comes to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. 

Sherman, in reflecting on the celebration of Stafford as the winning QB in Sunday's Super Bowl, actually compared getting into the Hall of Fame in this modern age to getting a "participation trophy." 

How did this all start? Michael Robinson on "Good Morning Football'' claims that Stafford is now a Hall of Fame candidate - all from winning the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Sherman pointed out the lack of awards Stafford has in his NFL career, including, "No All-Decade team. No All-Pro. No MVP. One Pro Bowl, even mentioning that Stafford wasn't even the MVP of this 23-20 Super Bowl win over the Bengals. 

On thing Sherman did mention: The fact that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has an MVP. 

So why don't we look up the Matt vs. Matt Hall of Fame challenge? 

Matt Ryan2
Matt Ryan1

Matt Ryan

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  • 4x Pro Bowl
  • 1x MVP
  • 1x All-pro
  • NO Super Bowl Championship

Matt Stafford:

  • 1x Pro Bowl
  • 0 MVP
  • 0 All-pro
  • ONE Super Bowl Championship. 

Now the question is: Does winning a Super Bowl really have that much weight on the likelihood of a player getting into the Hall of Fame? 

We would say that is the aspect that makes this Matt vs. Matt debate such an interesting one. 

Ryan had his chance to have that extra "one-up" on Stafford; the extra point that would seemingly get him into the Hall of Fame without the other accomplishments he has made in his career. 

Blowing a 28-3 lead in your only Super Bowl appearance, though? Hopefully that stat doesn't count against Ryan when his for the Hall of Fame time comes.