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New York Giants Mailbag: The "Changes Please" Edition

This week's mailbag primarily focuses on potential upcoming changes.

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Hi Cesar, and thank you for the kind words. From a front office perspective, yes, the team can make some deep changes, specifically at general manager should the team and Dave Gettleman agree to part ways. I'm not so sure they would shake up the scouting department, though, as they're in the middle of their evaluation season--I think such changes would have to take place after the draft.

From a roster perspective, I think you're going to see a lot of players on this roster, not back next year (I'll be working on something along those lines in detail in the coming weeks). The Giants don't have much in the way of cap space, so I think you won't see a big push on free agency as you might on the draft. But again, I have to crunch some numbers and look at some performance metrics.

From a coaching perspective, I could see some changes there, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. I don't think it's a fait accompli that Freddie Kitchens will be the permanent offensive coordinator moving forward. I also wonder how much longer Burton Burns will coach--I could see him retiring. 

As for their conservative approach being modernized, that can be done. But here's the thing. The Mara and Tisch families need to look outside the organization for that. Enough of this trying to pluck from that George Young tree--those branches have dried up as the game has changed. I suspect if Gettleman moves on, you will see a general manager that has ties to Joe Judge in another life (which I'm not sure I'd fully endorse either, but I'm not the one making the call). 

I think what the Giants need is a guy who isn't going to be strictly a rubber stamper of the coaching moves--that's sort of how I see Gettleman based on the last couple of years. Yes, a general manager needs to work with the coach and get him what he needs, but he also has to have the stones to stand up and say no every so often if the coach's desire isn't a fit.

What's good, Adam? I think that depends--do the Giants think Isaiah Wilson can play right tackle? If so, then, no, it's not as high of a priority. If not, then yes, it's a priority. If I'm the Giants, I spend two of my first three draft picks on the offensive line as this unit desperately needs some talent in the pipeline. I don't sit there and think everything will be fine--they did that this year and we all saw what happened.

Hi Portia. I suspect Joe Judge would like Freddie Kitchens to be the full-time offensive coordinator, as it seems that Kitchens is willing to run a similar scheme which would be important for Jones to remain in if he's to eventually prove it once and for all that he's the guy.

I wrote an article about this very same topic, and whereas before I thought picking up Jones's option year was a no-brainer, now I'm not so sure. I'm not too fond of the durability issues, and if his neck injury knocks him out for multiple games this season, then if I'm the Giants, I think twice about picking up that option year. If he comes back and has a breakout season, then you franchise him, and he ends up getting paid either way.

Hi George. Most of those players you mentioned have their contracts expiring anyway, so they won't be "cap cuts." But with that said, yes, I see many players whose contracts are ending this year not coming back. I think Slayton and Booker are back, and I could see Bradberry back on a pay cut. 


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I'll be putting my list together with numbers, and proposed contract restructures soon enough. Whether it's Dave Gettleman or someone else, whoever is in the GM's chair will have a lot of work to do this off-season.

From George B. - Do you think Isaiah Wilson will be promoted to the 53 man roster and play right tackle for the Giants before the end of the season?

Hi George. My guess is no. Wilson is making progress, but remember, he came in reportedly out of shape, and sometimes that can take several weeks to correct as is. I also think so long as the Giants remain in the playoff hunt and Nate Solder is healthy, he will be the guy. I think Wilson is someone we'll see next summer.

From Christopher K. - I've been reading many articles and mock drafts in the last week. Some reports mention that the number one destination for Russell Wilson is the Giants.

Other articles and mock drafts are showing the Giants picking a quarterback in the first round. Based on Dave Gettleman not being likely to return and the continued poor play by Daniel Jones, the common thread outside of the NY area is that the Giants will move on from Jones.

What is your opinion on acquiring Wilson or maybe another established QB (Rodgers, Garoppolo, etc.) or drafting another QB and signing one of the many free-agent veteran QBs as a bridge?

Hi Christopher. Unless Russell Wilson is willing to take a steep pay cut, I do not see him as an option net year for a Giants team that is squeezed so tightly against the cap that it's crazy.

To give you an idea, Wilson has a cap number of $37 million next year, but if he were traded, the acquiring team wouldn't be on the hook for the prorated signing bonus. Wilson has a $19 million base salary, $2 million of which is guaranteed as of the fifth day of the 2022 league year. I don't think the Giants have room for that kind of cap hit. Same with Garoppolo, who has a $24.2 million base salary.

I think if the Giants plan on moving on from Daniel Jones the year--a big IF--their best course of action would be to sign a free agent to serve as a stop-gap. Also, I would NOT trade away resources for a quarterback until the offensive line was fixed.


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