2020 NFL Draft: NFL to Host Two Additional Scouting Combines in March

John Shipley

Every piece of information teams can gather as they prepare for the NFL Draft can go a long way toward having a successful haul come April, and it appears the opportunities to gather information are going to increase in 2020. 

The NFL announced this week that in addition to the NFL Scouting Combine, which will take place from Feb. 23 to Mar. 2, with on-field workouts beginning on Feb. 27, it will also host two additional scouting combines at the end of March.

"The NFL will conduct its Combine Series, featuring the Regional Combine Invitational (RCI) and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Combine, from March 27-29 at the Miami Dolphins’ Baptist Health Training Facility," the NFL said in a release. 

"Both Combines will provide an evaluation opportunity and exposure for Draft-eligible athletes with no remaining eligibility who were not invited to the National Invitational Combine (NIC). "

Hosting two additional combines gives the Jacksonville Jaguars and the 31 other clubs in the league more chances to gather intel on potential draft picks. In the past, players not invited to the original NFL Scouting Combine are put at a disadvantage once the draft rolls around, which in turn could put teams at a disadvantage when it comes to uncovering unheralded players. 

Now, these two additional combines will give those players chances to make impressions on the Jaguars and all other teams. 

The HBCU Combine will begin on Mar. 27, with measurements and team interviews taking place on the first day. On Mar. 28, the players will participate in on-field workouts.  

The Regional Invitational combine will host its measurements and team interviews on Mar. 28, with the on-field workouts for teams taking place on Mar. 29.

"These players will be identified after consultation with a panel of former club personnel and National Football Scouting (NFS)," the NFL said. "Prospects for the 2020 International Player Pathway program will also participate at the RCI. "